Aluminum Extrusion Industry Machinery
Service Provider & Supplier

You tell me your needs, I will provide you with solutions
Ultimate service Satisfactory cooperation

Aluminum Extrusion Industry Machinery
Service Provider & Supplier

You tell me your needs, I will provide you with solutions
Ultimate service Satisfactory cooperation

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Our Products

Our Products Cover The Whole Process Of Aluminum Profile Production, And Provide Aluminum Profile Complete Line Equipment Solutions, Including Second-Hand Aluminum Extrusion Machines, Aluminum Profile Post-Processing Equipment ( Nitriding Furnace, Cooling Bed, Metal Melting Furnace, Smelting Oven, Correction Machine, Powder Coating, Aluminum Brushing Machine, Profile Wrapping Machine, Fans ), And Various Mechanical Parts.

This is a used aluminum extrusion machine and aluminum profile back equipment into a production line.

This is the equipment used to cool, stretch, cut, and correct the extruded aluminum profiles.

To squeeze aluminum rods into various shapes. Second-hand is more cost-effective

Something used to repair or replace broken parts. Choosing good mechanical parts can make the equipment last longer and make better products.

Product Feature

  • Home page, company features small icon Health: Good maintenance record and overhaul report
  • Home page, company features small icon Adaptability and flexibility: The ability to produce aluminum extrusions in different shapes and sizes
  • Home page, company features small icon Technical advancement: Excellent technical parameters and performance indicators of the machine
  • Home page, company features small icon Energy saving: The energy consumption data of the machine is good
  • Home page, company features small icon Production capacity: Capable of producing a large number of aluminum extrusions in a short time

Product Presentation

Home product features with pictures

Our Services

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    Used Aluminum Extrusion Press Machine Supply

    Selling Aluminum machinery and equipment. These equipment can include various types of Double puller, Automatic multiple billet funace, Vacuum wood grain transferring machine, Handling table and so on. sells used extsion press, offering businesses a way to purchase machinery and equipment at lower prices.


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    Equipment Evaluation and Inspection

    Evaluation and inspection of used equipment. These evaluations determine the working condition, quality and reliability of equipment, helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions. The results of evaluations and inspections can be provided to buyers as a basis for purchasing decisions, and as a basis for sellers to determine a reasonable price.

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    Equipment Repair and Refurbishment

    Provides equipment repair and refurbishment services. Used equipment can be restored and refurbished to good working condition before being sold again. This includes cleaning, replacing worn parts, repairing malfunctions, and more. By offering repair and refurbishment services, the used machinery industry can enhance the quality and value of used equipment.


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    Technical Support and Training

    Users who purchase second-hand equipment and other extrusion industry rear unit machinery can be provided with relevant technical guidance, operation training and maintenance knowledge to ensure the normal operation and good maintenance of the equipment.




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    Equipment Recovery and Reuse

    The second-hand machinery industry also plays an important role in the recovery and reuse of equipment. They can receive unused equipment, process and recycle it to reduce waste of resources and burden on the environment. Through our company, much equipment can be reused and recycled, extending its useful life and reducing the need for new equipment.


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Client Case

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Market coverage

Products are sold to many countries around the world

And received wide acclaim

Popular Questions

Learn Aluminum Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of buying used aluminum extrusion equipment?

Some advantages include cost savings, shorter lead times, availability of reliable models, and potential for upgrading or retrofitting.

How can I verify the quality and condition of used equipment?

Thoroughly inspect the equipment, review maintenance records, request a demonstration, or involve an independent inspector for assessment.

What is the typical lifespan of used aluminum extrusion equipment?

The lifespan depends on various factors, including usage, maintenance, and the equipment’s original quality. Generally, well-maintained equipment can last for many years.

What machinery do you have?

In addition to Double puller, Automatic multiple billet funace, Vacuum wood grain transferring machine, Handling table, we have Nitriding Furnace, Single Billet Heating Furnace, Correction Machine, Die Oven, Aluminium Profile Cutting Saw, Aging Oven etc.

Can I source spare parts for used equipment?

The availability of spare parts depends on the equipment’s brand, age, and popularity. Consult with the manufacturer, authorized distributors, or third-party suppliers for spare part options.We have machinery accessories spare parts parts for sale

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Social Responsibility

Reducing carbon emissions:   Companies in the aluminum profile industry can achieve low-carbon production of aluminum products by adopting clean energy, improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other measures.

Promote resource recycling:   aluminum profile industry companies can realize the recycling of aluminum resources by strengthening the recycling of waste aluminum products.

Promote technological innovation:   aluminum profile industry companies can increase scientific and technological investment, carry out research and development and application of new products, new processes and new equipment, improve the quality and performance of aluminum products, and expand the application field of aluminum products.

industry expanding:  aluminum profile industry companies can provide more jobs for the society by expanding the industrial scale and market share, drive the development of related industrial chains, and increase residents' income and consumption power.
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Social responsibility picture
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