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2000T Aluminum extrusion Cooler

2000T Aluminum extrusion Cooler

  • Fast cooling: The cooling machine can provide an efficient and fast cooling effect, and quickly cool the extruded aluminum profile to the required temperature.
  • Control the shape of the product: The cold machine can control the shape stability of the aluminum profile.
  • Energy saving: The chillers use efficient cooling technologies such as spray cooling or wind cooling systems.

Product Description

Large cooling capacity: 2000T chillers have large cooling capacity and are suitable for handling extrusion products of very large sizes and high yields.

High capacity: The cooling speed is very fast, which can meet the high capacity needs of large-scale extrusion lines.

Labor savings: The high productivity of large coolers reduces the frequency of manual intervention and reduces labor costs.

Adapted to complex shapes: The 2000T cooler is suitable for extruding aluminum profiles with complex shapes, providing a wider range of product design and application flexibility.

Heat exchange area: 102m²
A number of fans: 4
fan delivery: 44000m³/h
Pool volume: 2.8m³
external dimension:  2800mm*2400mm*2600mm
dead load: 1650kg
Operating weight: 3380kg
nominal voltage: 380v


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