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750T Used Aluminum Extrusion Press

750T Used Aluminum Extrusion Press

Billet size:  101mm

Piston diameter: 620mm

Working pressure: 22MPA

Die stack size: 230×240mm

Discharge hole: 120×150mm

Total power: 106KW

Weight: 30T

Product Feature

  • Piston pumps are from Germany Rexroth
  • Vane pumps are from Japan Tokimec
  • All kinds of valves are from Germany Rexroth
  • Check valves are from Taiwan Jeou Gang
  • PLC control
  • Main casting components are tested by ultrasonic devices
  • Seller reserves the right to improvement
  • Small Knowledge About Buying Machines:

    How do you choose the right aluminum extruder?

    Your market environment: what kind of competition and regulations exist in your region and industry, what kind of customers and partners do you have, what kind of development and innovation plans do you have, etc?

    Your product needs: What kind of aluminum profiles do you need to produce, how much output is needed, how high quality and precision are needed, etc?

    Your budget range: how much you can afford to invest, what are your expectations for payback periods and profit margins, etc?

    Your equipment conditions: how much space and power supply do you have, how many people and technical levels do you have, how much maintenance and management capacity do you have, etc

    When you have these questions, you can contact us at any time, we will answer you and choose the most suitable machine for you.

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