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15 Years Of Researching Aluminum Extrusion Industry


Friendship and Cooperation: We value the friendships and cooperative relationships with our clients and partners. Through mutual support and collaboration, we strive to achieve success and growth together.

Integrity and Honesty: We uphold the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency to establish trustworthy relationships and earn the respect and trust of our clients and partners.

Customer Focus: We prioritize the needs of our customers, listen to their voices, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and provide them with excellent experiences and value.

Environmental Responsibility: We embrace the values of environmental sustainability and are committed to reducing resource consumption and environmental impact, making positive contributions to society and the planet.


Our Equipment

Ability to accommodate aluminum profiles of different sizes and shapes. No additional adjustments and settings are required, reducing line changeover time and production costs.

We control the quality: the equipment has high precision, high stability or meets the quantity requirements. There will be no inaccurate size and unsatisfactory surface quality of the produced aluminum profiles.

Number of Cases Without Failure
Breakdown and Maintenance
Wear out of mechanical parts, drive train failures, electronic controls and other machine failures in our equipment are extremely rare, causing production or operational downtime. Thereby improving productivity, reducing maintenance costs, reducing financial losses and improving customer satisfaction.
friends Increased Production Efficiency
Production efficiency
Our equipment can achieve the required production efficiency. The production speed of the equipment is fast, the powerful processing capacity meets the production capacity requirements, resulting in high efficiency of the production line, which greatly reduces your delivery time.

Environmental Protection and Reduction of Energy Consumption
Energy consumption and environmental protection
Our equipment may use less energy and have less impact on the environment. There is an increased requirement for environmental sustainability, with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment to reduce resource consumption and reduce the burden on the environment.

Why Friends Machinery?

Cooperating countries and regions
Cooperating Countries
And Regions
Cooperation Case
Maximum single transaction amount
Maximum Single
Transaction Amount
Our Friends
  • Sudal Industries Limited
  • xingfa aluminum
  • Friends cooperation brand
friends industry aluminum machinery company

Company Profile

Friends Industry – Used Extruder Press, Used Aluminum Profile Extrusion Line Machinery, New Equipment After Aluminum Extrusion Machines.

Several services are offered: equipment evaluation and inspection, equipment repair and refurbishment, technical support and training, and equipment recycling and reuse.

Accumulated 15 years of experience in the aluminum profile extrusion industry, established a friend industrial company, and then opened a second company, Foshan Pure Technology Co., Ltd., to produce and develop felts. During this period, I met many customers and suppliers in the aluminum industry. Friend Industries is in charge of the mechanical business.


Meet Our Team

Our team has 15 years of experience in the aluminum industry, with diverse skills and expertise. And warm service.
jim zhan
Jim zhan
CEO Executive

We Are Happy To Cooperate With Friends

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