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Aging Oven

Aging Oven

  • Strength improvement: Through aging treatment, the strength of aluminum alloy materials can be significantly improved. Improved
  • hardness and corrosion resistance: Through aging treatment, the hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy materials are improved.
  • Optimization of material structure: Aging treatment can optimize the crystal structure and grain boundary characteristics of aluminum alloy materials.

Product Description

Stability and repeatability: The Aging Oven is equipped with an advanced temperature control and time control system to achieve precise temperature and aging treatment parameters control. This ensures the stability and repeatability of the aging process, resulting in consistent properties of different batches of aluminum alloy materials.

Automated operation: The equipment usually has an automated operation function, and the aging process can be automated by setting preset parameters. This simplifies the operation process and reduces the possibility of manual intervention and operational errors.

Flexibility: Aging Oven usually has an adjustable temperature range and aging time to adapt to different aluminum alloy materials and process requirements. This enables it to handle various types and specifications of aluminum alloy materials.

Energy saving: The device uses an efficient heating system and thermal energy recovery technology to minimize energy consumption. It usually has good thermal energy utilization efficiency and reduces heating costs.

In summary, Aging Oven has the advantages of improving strength, improving hardness, and corrosion resistance, optimizing material structure, stability and repeatability, automated operation, flexibility, and energy saving. It is an important part of the aluminum extrusion rear equipment, which helps to improve the performance and quality of aluminum alloy materials.

Weight 15 T
Power 120kw
Model: HCG8-150-50
Rated Temperature: 1150℃
heating method:  heating resistance wire
Rated Voltage: 380v/50HZ/3P
Production Capacity: 100kg/h
Dimension 8000*1720*1700mm


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