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Aluminium Extrusion Sapre Parts

Diamond saw blade

A Diamond saw blade is a kind of saw blade used for cutting hard materials, which is composed of diamond particles and a metal binder made of a sawtooth and steel saw blade matrix. Masonry saw blade has the advantages of fast cutting speed, smooth cutting surface, low cutting noise, and suitable for cutting materials of various shapes and specifications

Aluminum extruder interior parts

The internal accessories of the aluminum extrusion machine refer to various parts and components used in the aluminum extrusion process. Their functions are to provide extrusion force, control the extrusion speed and direction, adjust the extrusion temperature, and protect the extrusion rod and mold. , forming and supporting aluminum profiles, etc.

Aluminum Extrusion Die

Aluminum extrusion dies are specialized tools used to shape aluminum alloys into specific profiles during the extrusion process. These dies are typically made from high-strength tool steel that can withstand the high pressures and temperatures encountered during extrusion. The mold has openings, also called holes, through which the aluminum alloy is forced into the desired profile.

Wood Grain Paper

The wood grain paper used in aluminum extrusion is a special paper used to create a wood grain effect on the surface of aluminum alloy. It transfers and penetrates the wood grain pattern into the coating of the aluminum alloy through a thermal transfer printing process.

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