aluminum extrusion machinery

Aluminum Extrusion Machinery

Double Puller

Double Puller in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery It is used to pull and cut the extruded aluminum profile equipment, control the length and speed of extrusion, and avoid excessive extrusion and waste of raw materials. There are two types of tractors: single tractors and double tractors. The double tractor can achieve continuous extrusion and improve production efficiency.

Extrusion Cooling System

Extrusion Cooling System in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery It is used to cool the extruded aluminum profile work surface, can effectively reduce the temperature of the aluminum profile, and prevent deformation and oxidation. There are many types of cold beds, such as pulling gear, rack stepping, pulling claws, carrying chains, and rolling disks.

Nitriding Furnace

Nitriding Furnace in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery Is used to nitride the mold equipment, can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the mold, and extend the service life of the mold. There are two types of nitriding furnaces: vacuum nitriding furnaces and salt bath nitriding furnaces. The vacuum nitriding furnace can achieve a more uniform and deep nitriding layer, but the cost is higher.

Single Billet Heating Furnace

A single Billet Heating Furnace in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery Is used to heat and cut off single long rod equipment, and can adjust the heating temperature and time according to different aluminum alloy compositions and extrusion requirements, to ensure the uniform heating and reasonable cutting of aluminum rods. Compared with multi-rod furnaces, single-rod furnaces can avoid the mutual influence and damage between aluminum rods, and improve the heating quality and efficiency.

Correction Machine

Correction Machine in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery It is used to straighten and correct the extruded aluminum profiles, which can eliminate the bending and distortion of aluminum profiles and ensure dimensional accuracy and appearance quality. There are two kinds of hydraulic finishing machine and mechanical finishing machine, hydraulic finishing machine can achieve greater straightening force and range, but the speed is slower.

Die Oven

Die Oven in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery The mold furnace is used to heat or anneal the extrusion mold to ensure the service life and extrusion quality of the mold. There are three types of mold furnaces: resistance type, induction type, and vacuum type. According to different mold materials and process requirements, different heating temperatures and times can be set.

Aluminium Profile Cutting Saw

Aluminium Profile Cutting Saw in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery is used to cut the long strip of the aluminum profile into the required length of equipment, usually using a circular saw blade or band saw blade for cutting, cutting should pay attention to the speed of the saw blade, feed speed, and coolant use to ensure cutting quality and efficiency. There are three types of aluminum saws: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. According to different aluminum profile specifications and quantities, you can choose the right saws.

Aluminum Profile Film Sticking Machine

Aluminum Profile Film Sticking Machine in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery Tape laminating machine is used to attach a protective film on the surface of aluminum profiles to prevent aluminum profiles from being scratched, contaminated, or oxidized during transportation, storage, and processing. The adhesive tape laminating machine has two ways of single-side laminating and double-side laminating. The pressure, speed, and tension of the laminating machine can be adjusted according to different shapes and sizes of aluminum profiles.

Aging Oven

Aging Oven in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery Aging furnace is used to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum profiles and stable-size equipment, through the constant temperature or variable temperature heat treatment of aluminum profiles, so that its internal structure changes to achieve the required strength and hardness. The aging furnace has two types horizontal and vertical, according to different aluminum alloy materials and process requirements, you can set different aging temperatures and times.

Multi billet heating furnace

Multi billet heating furnace in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery A multi-rod furnace is a device for the continuous casting of copper alloys, which consists of multiple crystallizers, each of which can cast one or more copper alloy rods. The advantage of a multi-rod furnace is that it has high production efficiency and can cast copper rods of different specifications and different alloys at the same time, saving energy and raw materials.

Aluminum Melting furnace

Aluminum Melting furnace in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery A melting furnace is a kind of equipment used to heat metal materials to liquid and cast molding, it has a variety of types, according to the heating method can be divided into flame furnace, resistance furnace, induction furnace, electric arc furnace and so on; According to the structure form can be divided into crucible furnace, reverberatory furnace, vertical furnace, converter and so on. Different types of casting furnaces have different characteristics and scope of application, generally according to the nature of metal materials, quantity, and requirements to choose the appropriate casting furnace.

Profile Wrapping Machine

Profile Wrapping Machine in Aluminum Extrusion Machinery Aluminum profile packaging machine is used to package and bundle the cut aluminum profile equipment for easy transportation and storage. Aluminum profile packaging machine has two types horizontal and vertical, you can choose the appropriate packaging materials and bundling according to different packaging methods and requirements.

Diamond saw blade

A Diamond saw blade is a kind of saw blade used for cutting hard materials, which is composed of diamond particles and a metal binder made of a sawtooth and steel saw blade matrix. Masonry saw blade has the advantages of fast cutting speed, smooth cutting surface, low cutting noise, and suitable for cutting materials of various shapes and specifications


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