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Aluminum Melting furnace

Aluminum Melting furnace

  • Efficient heating: Aluminum furnaces use an efficient heating system that can quickly heat aluminum to the melting point.
  • Precise temperature control: The equipment is equipped with an advanced temperature control system to accurately monitor and regulate the temperature of the aluminum in the furnace.
  • Melting stability: The aluminum melting furnace has good melting stability, and can maintain the uniform melting state of aluminum material.

Product Description

Energy saving: Aluminum furnaces use efficient heating methods and heat recovery technology to minimize energy consumption. It usually has good thermal energy utilization efficiency, reducing smelting costs and environmental impact.

Automated operation: The equipment usually has an automated operation function, which can automate the melting process by setting preset parameters. This simplifies the operation process and reduces the possibility of manual intervention and operational errors.

Safe and reliable: Aluminum furnaces use safe and reliable design and control measures to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. It is usually equipped with safety features such as temperature monitoring, overheat protection, gas monitoring, and fault alarm, as well as reliable smelting process control.

Customizable: Aluminum furnaces typically have customizable design and configuration options to suit the melting needs of different aluminum alloy materials. It can be customized according to different aluminum alloy compositions, melting capacity, and process requirements.

In summary, the Aluminum Melting Furnace has the advantages of high-efficiency heating, precise temperature control, melting stability, energy saving, automatic operation, safety, reliability, and customizability. It is the key equipment in the aluminum extrusion line, ensuring the supply of high-quality molten aluminum material to meet the requirements of the extrusion process.

Voltage: custom-made
Dimensions : custom-made
Weight: 2 T
Power: 100kw
Maximum temperature: 850℃
Capacity: custom-made
Features: Stable performance
Core components: PLC, bearing, motor



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