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Friends Industry - The Integrity Industry Benchmark of Aluminum Extrusion


In the aluminum profile industry, a senior general manager named Jim Zhan, with 15 years of experience, has become a benchmark for honest transactions. His story also witnessed the birth and growth of a brand, Friends Industry Ltd. (Friends Industry).


In 2014, Friends Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by Jim Zhan. Jim has a deep understanding of the aluminum profile industry, and his goal is to provide customers with high-quality aluminum industry-related products and solutions, and win the trust and respect of customers (friends). In the three years since its establishment, Friends Industry has experienced rapid development and expansion. The excellent quality of their products and high service standards have allowed them to establish close cooperative relationships with key partners, and have received positive responses from the market and affirmation from users.


In the process of development, in order to better meet the needs of customers, Friends Industry established a high-temperature resistant felt factory in 2018. Since then, the two companies have developed at the same time and have recognized more friends in the aluminum industry circle. They also have aluminum industry Mechanical requirements, such as extrusion machines, nitriding furnaces, fans, aging furnaces, aluminum profile packaging machines and shaping machines, etc.


During this period, the company introduced innovative solutions, adopted new business models, launched innovative solutions, expanded into new markets, and adjusted its organizational structure to meet new challenges and opportunities. A lot of aluminum machinery orders have been sold, and for this, a wealth of knowledge on machinery and equipment has been obtained.


Friends Industry has always been committed to continuous innovation and growth. They launch various innovative products and services. These innovations have made Friends Industry successful in the market and won the favor and recognition of users.


As a company with a sense of social responsibility, Friends Industry actively fulfills its social responsibility and is committed to sustainable development. They have adopted a series of environmental protection measures, participated in community projects, paid attention to employee welfare and promoted diversified development, etc., to contribute to the development and improvement of society. These efforts have been widely praised and recognized.

Looking forward to the future, Friends Industry is full of confidence. Their goal is to continue to drive innovation, increase user satisfaction, and expand market share. They plan to further expand their business, explore new areas, and continue to work on innovation, user satisfaction, and social responsibility to maintain continuous development.

Milestones of Friends Industry

Before 2014
Jim Zhan, with 15 years of experience, is a model of reputation in the aluminum profile industry.
In this year, Jim Zhan founded Friends industry Co., Ltd., which means to deal with customers with honesty, trust and enthusiasm.
Rapid development within 3 years, high-quality products, high-standard service, wide range of partners, market and user affirmation.
In order to better provide products to customers, a heat resistant felt factory was established in this year.
Expand aluminum industry customers, close a large number of aluminum machinery orders, and acquire rich knowledge of aluminum industry machinery.
Full of confidence. The goal is to become a leader in the industry, make machinery trading easier, and improve innovation capabilities, social responsibility, and adapt to challenges and opportunities.

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