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To become the world’s leading machinery and equipment company, to meet customer needs with excellent service and professional knowledge design solutions, to make machinery transactions easier, while committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


Our mission is to provide high-quality aluminum extrusion machinery and equipment, providing customers with reliable, efficient and innovative solutions. Through continuous technology research and development and process improvement, we are committed to helping customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and meet changing market demands. We focus on customer satisfaction and continuous partnership, and promote sustainable socio-economic development through sustainable business operations and environmental awareness. Our goal is to be a leader in the industry, create lasting value for customers, and provide meaningful development and returns for employees and stakeholders.

Friends Company Values

Service Concept
Our Service Concept
Treat customers like friends
Quality Concept
Our Quality Concept
Set quality benchmarks and set industry standards
Our Talent View
The company and employees grow together
Our Ecological View
Establish environmental responsibility and sustainable development

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