Comparison of the advantages of chillers and plate exchangers

Aluminum extrusion press chillers and plate exchangers are standard heat exchange equipment used in industrial processes.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one depends on the specific needs of the application.
In this article, we will compare the advantages of Aluminium extrusion press chillers and plate exchangers regarding energy consumption.
Effectiveness, maintenance, installation, and risk.

Chillers Low energy consumption:

1. The plate heat exchanger has a small gap, long water pipes, and high power consumption for the oil pump and water pump.
This not only increases the operating cost of the equipment but also burdens the power grid and affects the stability of the power supply.

2. The chiller saves 3-8 degrees of electricity per hour compared to traditional cooling towers.
Reducing production costs and increasing corporate benefits.
This enhances the competitiveness and market share of enterprises, as well as increases corporate profits and returns.

3. The energy consumption of the chiller is proportional to the oil temperature.
With little difference in energy consumption between summer and winter, saving energy and protecting the environment.
This reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse effects and complies with national energy conservation and emission reduction policies.
And improves corporate social responsibility and image.

4. The energy consumption of the plate heat exchanger is proportional to the water temperature.
A significant increase in energy consumption in summer causes waste.
This not only wastes valuable energy resources but also increases the operational risk and management difficulty of enterprises.

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Aluminum extrusion press chillers Significant effect:

1. The oil temperature of the plate heat exchanger is too high, accelerating the aging of the extruder seal
Reducing the wear resistance of hydraulic oil, shortening the life of the oil pump, and reducing the extruder’s power.
This affects the efficiency and accuracy of the extruder, resulting in a decline in product quality and an increase in unqualified rates.
As well as an increase in maintenance frequency and costs for equipment replacement.

2. The temperature of the chiller does not exceed 43 degrees, controlling the oil temperature within a reasonable range
Ensuring the regular operation of the extruder, extending equipment life, and enhancing product quality and production efficiency.
This ensures product stability and consistency, meets customer needs and expectations, and reduces losses and waste during production.

3. The heat exchange efficiency of chillers is higher than that of plate exchangers.
It adopts advanced spiral heat exchangers and efficient compressors to achieve more considerable temperature differences and faster heat exchange speeds.
This quickly brings oil temperature to set values ​​and maintains stability without fluctuation, avoiding performance changes due to oil temperature changes.

4. The chiller automatically adjusts its cooling capacity to maintain a constant outlet water temperature regardless of water temperature or flow rate.
This allows Aluminium extrusion press chillers to adapt to different working conditions and environmental conditions while achieving optimal operating conditions while improving chiller life expectancy.

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Aluminum extrusion press chillers Easy maintenance:

1. Plate heat exchangers must be disassembled for cleaning every year, which is time-consuming, and labor-intensive.
Has large downtime losses, and incomplete cleaning affects heat exchange effects.
This increases labor intensity for personnel while posing safety hazards while disrupting production plans involving production efficiency.

2. Chillers only need to circulate detergent for 3-5 hours then replace pool water to complete cleaning saving manpower reducing downtime losses and avoiding cleaning risks.
This allows chillers to maintain good heat exchange effects efficiency while being cleaned at any time without affecting production continuity.

3. Aluminium extrusion press chillers have a simple structure without complex piping or easily worn gaskets.
Not easy to clog water or require frequent replacement parts.
Regularly checking electrical parts systems ensures good operating conditions reducing maintenance costs while detecting faults in time and avoiding affecting normal production.

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Aluminum extrusion press chillers Simple installation:

1. Traditional cooling towers require outdoor pools with underground water pipes occupying more space with complex installation taking more time increasing project scale affected by weather affecting installation quality.

2. Chillers can be placed directly behind extruders saving space with simple installation taking less time improving project efficiency while reasonably arranging according to actual production site conditions and optimizing production processes utilization.

3.  Chillers are integrated designs requiring only connection to power lines unaffected by environmental temperature without noise gas emissions suitable for installation anywhere avoiding performance impact from ecological factors reducing pollution improving safety.

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Low risk:

1. Plate heat exchangers separate water through gaskets improper installation causes water to enter oil tanks increasing equipment failure risk
And causing oil pollution degradation preventing regular extruder operation from even causing dangerous accidents.

2. Chillers cool oil temperatures through closed-loop systems completely isolating oil preventing mixing ensuring oil purity avoiding equipment damage risk keeping oil in optimal working condition preventing product defects and complaints from oil quality issues.

3.  Chillers have multiple protection functions automatically alarming down during abnormal situations preventing equipment damage and timely controlling dangerous situations effectively protecting personnel safety.

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In summary, Aluminium extrusion press chillers have several advantages over plate exchangers regarding energy consumption. Effectiveness, maintenance, installation, and risk.
Chillers are more energy-efficient, have better heat exchange efficiency, are easier to maintain and install, and have lower risks.
These advantages make chillers a better choice for many industrial applications.

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