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Correction Machine
  • Correction Machine
  • Correction Machine


  • Improve product quality: The quality and accuracy of aluminum profiles can be improved by removing deformation and distortion during extrusion.

  • Increased production efficiency: The calibration machine has efficient operation and processing capacity, and can process a large

  • number of aluminum profiles in a short time. Precise control: The machine is equipped with an advanced control system to achieve precise force and speed control.

Correction Machine

Product Description

Versatility: The correction machine usually has a variety of correction modes and working modes, and can adapt to different sizes and shapes of aluminum profiles. It can perform linear correction, distortion correction, bending correction, and other correction operations to meet the specific needs of different products.

Automatic operation: The correction machine usually has an automatic operation function, which can be automatically corrected by setting preset parameters. This simplifies the operation process and reduces the possibility of manual intervention and operational errors.

Flexibility and adjustability: Calibration machines usually have adjustable calibration parameters and working modes, which can be adjusted according to specific needs. This allows it to adapt to the calibration requirements of different aluminum profiles and provide flexible solutions.

Cost savings: Through the use of correction machines, the scrap rate of aluminum profiles can be reduced and the consistency and accuracy of products can be improved. This helps to save costs and improve production efficiency.

In summary, the calibration machine has the advantages of improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, versatility, precise control, automatic operation, flexibility, adjustability, and cost savings. This makes it an important piece of equipment in the aluminum extrusion rear treatment, which helps to improve product quality and improve production efficiency

Motor: 1.5KW
Upper bearing: aligning 1313
Lower bearing: 6213
Axis: Φ65×900
Shaping wheel: Φ190×40 machine with six wearing parts nylon
Side wheel: Φ80×500
Machine outline reference size: length × width × height 1800×860×1500mm
Max size: 250×350mm
Correction Machine

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