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Diamond saw blade

Diamond saw blade

  • High hardness of sawtooth, able to cut high hardness materials;
  • High sawtooth density to provide high precision cutting;
  • The blade base has a laser-cut stabilizer vent hole to reduce noise and vibration;
  • The saw blade matrix has a laser cutting thermal expansion groove, which can prevent the saw blade deformation and improve the cutting precision

Product Description

Excellent cutting capability: Advanced blade technology ensures excellent results when cutting masonry, concrete and other hard materials. Sharp tooth design provides efficient cutting, saving time and labor costs.


Wear-resistant materials: high-quality, wear-resistant materials are selected in the manufacturing process to ensure long-term use without losing the cutting effect. Our masonry saw blades maintain stable performance even under high working conditions.


Multi-functional design: suitable for a variety of application scenarios, including building construction, pavement repair, pipeline installation, etc. Whether it’s for precise cutting or large-scale engineering, our masonry saw blades are up to the task.


Safe and reliable: safety factors are considered in the design to ensure the safety of users during use. The solid structure and effective heat dissipation design enable this masonry saw blade to run for a long time without damage.


Easy to install and replace: The design is simple, making the saw blade replacement fast and convenient, minimizing production downtime.

The structural parameters of the saw blade, such as the outer diameter of the saw blade, the inner hole, the thickness, the number of teeth, the shape of the teeth, the radius of the root circle, etc., these parameters determine the size, shape and cutting performance of the saw blade;

The material parameters of the saw blade, such as the matrix material of the saw blade, the tool head material, the tool head setting mode, etc., determine the strength, hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance of the saw blade;

The process parameters of the saw blade, such as the speed of the saw blade, feed speed, cutting depth, cutting fluid, etc., determine the cutting efficiency, cutting quality, and service life of the saw blade.

Different saw blade types and cutting objects must choose different parameter combinations to achieve the best cutting effect. You can consult my professional sales staff according to your specific needs to determine the blade parameters you need.

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