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Double puller

Double puller

  • Stable traction: Provides stable and uniform traction to ensure smooth operation of aluminum profiles during stretching.
  • Precise control: The device is equipped with an advanced control system that enables precise traction and speed control.
  • Adjustable: with adjustable clamping force and clamping distance to adapt to different sizes and shapes of aluminum profiles.

Product Description

High-speed production: The double-gripper tractor has a high traction speed and processing capacity, and can quickly handle a large number of aluminum profiles. This helps to improve production efficiency and yield.

Automated operation: The equipment usually has an automated operation function, which can be automatically pulled and operated by setting preset parameters. This simplifies the operation process and reduces the possibility of manual intervention and operational errors.

Double clamp design: The Double puller is typically a double clamp design, which allows the aluminum profile to be better fixed and stabilized during traction. This helps to avoid deflection or distortion of the profile during traction.

Reliability and durability: The equipment is usually made of high-strength structure and high-quality materials, with good reliability and durability. It is capable of maintaining stability and performance under long-running and high-load conditions.

To sum up, the Double puller offers the advantages of stable traction, precise control, adjustability, high-speed production, automated operation, dual clamping design, reliability, and durability. It plays an important role in the after-treatment of aluminum extrusion, helping to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Track length: 34 meters
Clamping jaw : flat plate mechanical jaw
Interrupt mode : Automatic interrupt
Traction drive: wire rope cycle traction
width and height: W140mmH70m
Control mode: automatic
Synchronous traction : 0KG — 120KG
Fast return speed: 3 m/s

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