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Extrusion Cooling System

Extrusion Cooling System

  • Fast cooling: Provides a fast and effective cooling effect, quickly cooling the extruded aluminum profile to the desired temperature.
  • Control temperature distribution: The cooling system can control the temperature distribution of aluminum profiles to avoid stress and deformation caused by uneven cooling.
  • Improve material properties: Rapid solidification during the cooling process can improve the crystalline structure of the material and improve the hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance of the material.

Product Description

Increased production efficiency: The cooling system has an efficient cooling capacity and can quickly process a large number of aluminum profiles. It can adapt to the production needs of high output, and improve production efficiency and capacity.

Automated control: The Extrusion Cooling System is equipped with an advanced automated control system that can monitor and regulate the various parameters of the cooling process. With precise temperature and cooling medium control, the cooling process can be automated and precisely controlled.

Energy saving: The unit uses efficient cooling technologies such as spray cooling or wind cooling systems. These systems make efficient use of energy and reduce energy consumption and waste. By saving energy, production costs, and environmental impact can be reduced.

Eco-friendly and sustainable: Extrusion Cooling systems often use environmentally friendly cooling media and cooling technologies to help reduce the impact on the environment. They can be made from recyclable or degradable materials, improving resource efficiency and sustainability.

In summary, the Extrusion Cooling System has the advantages of rapid cooling, temperature distribution control, improved material properties, increased production efficiency, automatic control, energy saving, and environmental protection and sustainability. It plays an important role in aluminum extrusion rear equipment, helping to improve product quality, production efficiency, and sustainability.

Size: L15000x W510xH810mm
Biting width: About 580mm
Heat resistance felt roller: φ96×φ76×450mm
Belt spacing: 1280m/set, a total of 36 groups
Maximal force: 80T
Saw plate size: φ500×φ25.4×4.8mm
Press style: Pneumatic drive
Cylinder size : φ220×φ140×1000mm

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