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What Tests Do Aluminum Machinery Perform?

At Friends Industry Aluminum Machiney, we are dedicated to providing quality and reliable Aluminum Extrusion Machines. We are well aware of your concern about performance, so we have conducted strict performance tests on each machine to ensure its excellent performance.


Our performance testing covers the following key areas:

Extrusion speed and production capacity: We test the extrusion speed and production capacity of each machine to ensure that it can meet the requirements of efficient production. Our machines are engineered to achieve faster extrusion speeds, increasing production capacity and enabling you to deliver high-quality aluminum extrusion products faster.


Temperature Control and Stability:

We thoroughly test the temperature control system of the machine to ensure that it can maintain a stable temperature during the extrusion process. Precise temperature control not only ensures consistent product quality, but also minimizes waste.


Pressure and force control:

We conduct strict pressure and force control tests to ensure that the machine can provide a balanced and stable pressure during the extrusion process. This helps achieve uniform extrusion of aluminum profiles and ensures consistent product quality.


Automation and ease of operation:

We test and optimize the automation functions and ease of operation of the machine to ensure that you can easily operate and control the machine. Our machines are equipped with advanced control systems and user-friendly interfaces, enabling you to flexibly adjust parameters and monitor production processes.

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