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Aluminum extrusion multi billet heating furnace

Multi billet heating furnace

  • Multi-rod simultaneous heating: The ability to heat multiple aluminum rods at the same time improves production efficiency.
  • Uniform heating: Special heating technology and furnace design ensure that the aluminum rod is evenly heated throughout the heating process.
  • Precise temperature control: Equipped with an advanced temperature control system, it can accurately monitor and adjust the heating temperature.

Product Description

Fast heating: The device uses efficient heating technology to quickly heat the aluminum rod to the required temperature. Rapid heating helps to improve production efficiency, shorten extrusion cycles and increase production. Keep the temperature stable: Aluminum extrusion multi-bar

furnace with insulation function can continue to maintain a stable heating temperature after reaching the required temperature. This helps prevent the aluminum rods from cooling too quickly before extrusion, ensuring continuity and consistency in the extrusion process.

Automatic control: The equipment usually has an advanced automatic control system, which can realize the automatic control and monitoring of the heating process. Operators can adjust and monitor key parameters such as heating temperature and heating time by setting preset parameters to improve the accuracy and stability of production operations.

safe and reliable: Aluminum extrusion furnace adopts safe and reliable design and control measures to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. It is usually equipped with safety features such as flame monitoring, temperature monitoring, overheat protection, and fault alarm, as well as reliable thermal isolation and fire prevention measures.

In summary, an aluminum extrusion furnace has many advantages such as simultaneous heating, uniform heating, precise temperature control, rapid heating, temperature stability, automatic control, and safety and reliability. It is indispensable equipment in aluminum extrusion production lines, helping to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and ensure safe production.

Voltage: 250v
Dimensions : 180*1.2*3.4m
Weight: 50 T
Power: 100000kw
Working Temperature: 1180-1250
Capacity: 10kg~50ton
Heating rate: 85%
Loading capacity: 10~3000kg (adjustable)

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