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  • Precise temperature control: The actual temperature control system can provide a stable and accurate heating environment.
  • Fast heating and cooling: This can quickly heat and cool the mold, improving production efficiency.
  • Versatility: With a variety of heating and processing functions, it can adapt to different types of molds and heat treatment requirements.

Product Description

Uniform heating: The equipment uses advanced heating technology, such as forced circulation air and optimized heating element layout, to achieve uniform heating of the mold. This is essential to avoid thermal stress and improve the heat treatment quality of the mold.

Automatic control: The equipment is equipped with an advanced automatic control system that can monitor and regulate the various parameters of the heating process. With precise temperature and time control, it is possible to ensure that the mold is heated and treated under the required process conditions.

Safe and reliable: Die Oven adopts safe and reliable design and control measures to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. It is protected against thermal radiation and fire, equipped with a flame monitoring and gas leak detection system, as well as an emergency shutdown device to ensure that timely measures are taken in the event of an abnormal situation.

Easy maintenance: The equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain. It has an easy-to-clean interior and removable parts for easy maintenance and maintenance.

In summary, Die Oven has the advantages of precise temperature control, fast heating and cooling, uniform heating, versatility, automatic control, safety, reliability and easy maintenance. These advantages make it hot for mold manufacturing

Power: 20KW
Rated voltage: 380V50HZ
Rated temperature: 650℃
Working size: Φ400Χ550mm
Limit vacuum degree: (Mpa) -0.08
Heating time: ≤80min
Furnace temperature uniformity: ±5℃
Reference loading capacity: 200kg



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