5 questions, Are you ready to open an aluminum profile extrusion factory?

We receive many inquiries from people who want to open Aluminum Extrusion Factory.

I would like to discuss with you five key issues regarding setting up an aluminum profile extrusion plant through an article.

Help you successfully open your aluminum profile factory.


Let’s first understand the process of producing aluminum profiles in aluminum factories.

First, an aluminum billet is preheated before the process of extrusion is performed. billet material fills the container.

Then, the extruder press continuously exerts tremendous pressure

the aluminum billet is extruded into a very long aluminum profile through the opening of the extrusion die.

Finally, quenching, the hot saw separated, cooled to Room temperature, stretched into alignment, and cut to the required length.


  1. Have You Rented A Factory Building?

A production line covers at least 3,000 square meters. Use steel structure factory buildings and crane track beams.

aluminum extrusion factory

Your aluminum factory must have good ventilation and lighting conditions and complete fire protection facilities and safe passages. The aluminum extrusion factory must be clean and dry.

It has a water supply and drainage system, and a power supply system according to the equipment power and electricity consumption.

Machine maintenance workshop, warehouse for storing aluminum ingots, aluminum profiles, aluminum wafers, and warehouse for storing paints, coatings, and other chemical materials.

The production area includes the mold preparation area, extrusion area, cutting area, spraying area, etc.

Questions to consider:

What are the purchasing terms (including closing costs)?

What are the lease terms?

What is your overall income tax rate?

What is the asset’s estimated value when sold or at the end of its useful life?

Consider any other costs that you may incur if you leased rather than purchase the factory (and vice versa).


  1. Have You Ever Been In The Aluminum Business or Door And Window Business Before?

Have a deep understanding of aluminum profile processing.

Don’t think about customers finding the best brand to cooperate with. Depending on your local situation, you can visit and research construction companies, construction suppliers, transportation companies, etc.

Or read general direction reports and aluminum industry magazines to help you understand the market.


  1. Do You Have Technical Personnel Working In An Aluminum Profile Extrusion Factory?

For mechanical automation configuration, about 3-5 people operate one shift.

A team of professional and efficient personnel. This includes production personnel, technical personnel, management personnel, etc.

Production personnel need to have skills and sufficient experience to be able to skillfully operate and maintain equipment and solve problems that arise during production.

If there are currently no staff, there will need to be recruitment channels. You can also contact us to help you publish information.


  1. How Much Do You Plan To Invest In Building An Aluminum Profile Production Factory?

Material costs

Raw material cost at the end of the production cycle=Initial raw material cost + additional raw material purchase cost – raw material inventory cost


Labor costs

Employee salary


Manufacturing cost

Utility expenses, rent payments

Equipment parts and supplies

Equipment costs. For example, extrusion machine cost, billet furnace cost

Depreciation of the manufacturing equipment

Insurance and taxes related to the factory


Total manufacturing cost = Direct materials cost + Direct labor cost + Manufacturing overhead


  1. When Do You Plan To Start Business Of Aluminum Extrusion Plant?

When you have an understanding of the aluminum extrusion industry and already have a factory and personnel,

Then you can start making a plan and planning.

Contact us when you build the factory plan to start. E-Mail:info@extruderpress.com

We can provide all the equipment for a complete aluminum extrusion production line,

aluminum extrusion production line equipment

Including raw materials such as aluminum ingots and rods, aluminum extrusion related machinery, molds, felt spare parts, etc.

You don’t need to worry about quality issues, price issues, payment issues, and supply issues

We can solve these for you.


You are welcome to contact us and come to visit and communicate,  

Together we can work out how to build an aluminum extrusion plant.


Here’s our advice, hope it helps.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask us.


Tips: Environmental protection is the social responsibility of enterprises.
The production process may produce some waste,
We need to ensure that our factory operations comply with environmental regulations.
Gaining from society and protecting society.

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