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Profile Wrapping Machine

Profile Wrapping Machine

  • Surface protection: The protective film or decorative film can be evenly and tightly covered on the surface of the aluminum profile to provide a protective layer to prevent scratches, contamination, oxidation, or other damage.
  • Increase the decorative effect: The device applies the decorative film precisely to the surface of the aluminum profile, offering a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Improve product quality: The application of protective film or decorative film can cover surface defects and improve the appearance quality and consistency of aluminum profiles.

Product Description

Automated operation: The equipment usually has an automated operation function, and the automatic coating process is realized through preset parameters. This simplifies the operation process and reduces the possibility of manual intervention and operational errors.

Flexibility: Profile Wrapping machines usually have adjustable working speed and tension control to accommodate aluminum profiles of different sizes and shapes. This allows it to adapt to the needs of various types and specifications of products.

Efficient production: The equipment has an efficient coating capacity and can quickly process a large number of aluminum profiles. This helps improve production efficiency and capacity.

Cost saving: By using Profile Wrapping Machine, the demand for manual wrapping can be reduced and labor cost can be reduced. In addition, the application of protective film can extend the service life of aluminum profiles and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

In summary, the Profile Wrapping Machine has the advantages of surface protection, increasing decorative effect, improving product quality, automatic operation, flexibility, efficient production, and cost saving. It is an important part of the aluminum extrusion rear equipment, helping to improve the appearance quality of the product, protect the surface and provide decorative effects.

Voltage: 380v
Weight: 500 KG
Shrink film: PE. PE
Driven Type: Pneumatic
Packing speed: 10-300pcs/min
Film material: PE Coated Paper
Packing material: PE Stretch Film
Dimension: 2730*780*1450

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