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Single Billet Heating Furnace

Single Billet Heating Furnace

  • Efficient heating: The ability to provide an efficient heating process to ensure the billet reaches the required heating temperature. Energy
  • saving: The equipment has good thermal energy utilization efficiency and can minimize energy consumption.
  • Automatic control: Equipped with an advanced automated control system, you can monitor and adjust the various parameters of the heating process.

Product Description

Single Billet Heating Furnace is a device used to heat metal billets and is widely used in the steel industry. Here are some of the advantages of Single Billet Heating Furnace:

Strong adaptability: The equipment is suitable for heating various specifications and sizes of billets. It can adjust the heating parameters and working mode to meet different heating requirements.

Safe and reliable: Single Billet Heating Furnace adopts safe and reliable design and control measures to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. It is equipped with flame monitoring and gas leak detection systems that can detect and deal with potential safety risks in a timely manner.

Easy maintenance: The equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain. Its modular design makes it easy to replace and service critical components. In addition, it has an automatic cleaning function, which reduces the frequency of equipment cleaning and maintenance.

To sum up, Single Billet Heating Furnace has the advantages of high-efficiency heating, energy saving, automatic control, strong adaptability, safety, reliability, and easy maintenance. These advantages make it an important heating device in the steel industry, helping to improve production efficiency, optimize product quality and reduce energy consumption.

Billet length: 6000mm
Heating time: 20℃—480℃(20-25 min)
Installed capacity: 58kw
Furnace Dimension: 23000 mm×2400 mm×3800 mm
Billet Cutting length:  250-1000 mm
Maximum temperature: 520℃
Heating billet temperature error: ±10℃
Compressing air required pressure: 4-8 bar


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