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Thermal Break Assembly Machine
  • Thermal break assembly machine
  • Thermal break assembly machine

Thermal Break Assembly Machine

  • The Aluminum Profile Thermal Break Assembly Machine features adjustable rolling wheels with independent pressure control, ensuring precise combination of strip and aluminum profiles.
  • It incorporates a straightening function in the rolling process, ensuring parallelism and straightness of the heat insulation profiles.
  • The machine is equipped with a high-precision workbench adjustment system, allowing for precise lifting and displaying accuracy of less than 0.01mm.
Thermal break assembly machine

Product Description

Introducing our Aluminum Profile Thermal Break Assembly Machine, a highly efficient and versatile solution for producing thermal barrier aluminum profiles. This machine consists of a knurling machine with a strip feeder device and a rolling machine. With advanced features such as adjustable rolling wheels, independent pressure control, and precise straightening capabilities, our machine ensures a tight and secure combination of aluminum profiles and heat insulation strips. Equipped with high-quality components and a user-friendly interface, it offers easy operation, high work efficiency, and stable performance. Additionally, our machine features a durable plastic spraying surface treatment, providing scratch resistance and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Upgrade your production line with our Aluminum Profile Thermal Break Assembly Machine to meet the increasing market demand for top-quality broken bridge heat insulation profiles.

Power Supply: 380V
Total Power: 1.3kw
Weight: 800kg
Knurling knife Diameter: Φ80mm
Machinable Profile Section: Width (250mm) x height (300mm)
Profile Support Shelf: Width (500mm) × Length (5500mm)
Contour Dimension: Length (1220mm) × Width (1300mm)
Certificate:: CE ISO9001


Thermal break assembly machine

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