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Waste Aluminum Recycling Equipment

Waste Aluminum Recycling Equipment

  • Efficient recycling: The equipment can convert a variety of discarded aluminum products into new aluminum alloys.
  • Advanced process equipment: The equipment uses an automated control system to improve recovery efficiency and quality.
  • Environmental protection production process: The equipment adopts flue gas dust removal, dioxin treatment, nitrogen oxide treatment, and other technologies, which can reduce energy consumption and pollution and protect the environment.

Product Description

  • Advanced crushing, grinding, frying, cold ash, screening, and other processes can transform scrap aluminum products of various shapes and compositions into high-purity aluminum ingots.
  • The automatic control system can automatically adjust the process parameters according to different waste aluminum raw materials to achieve the best recovery effect of waste aluminum
  • The unique separation technology can effectively separate impurities and alloying elements in waste aluminum, improve the purity and recovery and reduce energy consumption and pollution.
  • Advanced smelting, refining, purification, and other processes can directly melt waste aluminum products into high-quality aluminum liquid without crushing, grinding, and other pretreatment.
  • Flexible modular design can be customized according to customer needs, process flow, and equipment configuration to achieve the same level of waste aluminum or upcycling.
power:  15kW
structure: single box draw-out type
Outside size: L x W x H  650x850x500mm
outside size: 1600×1400×830mm
heating method:  heating resistance wire
Heating temperature: up to 460℃-490℃
reduction ratio: 20
Temperature control: heating up 2-3 h


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